Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project #3

I think I am done wit my illustration for now. I like it so I will probably tweak it a couple more times because her pink shirt is blending with the mountains too much.


  1. dude! Love what you've done with patterns! :) I might steal that idea in my girls dress!

  2. Very nice, Ariana!!! I agree with Kelby: the patterns are an elegant touch!

    Some minor suggestions: the color of the hand and of the star are too close. I'd make the star more of a gold (and possibly a hair darker, with some very bright highlights to show that it's metallic, and to create a strong focal point).

    Next, put a little bit of a shadow below the girl's foot, so that we more clearly see that she's anchored to the ground.

    Last, I agree with you about the color of the girl's shirt relative to the mountain behind.

    Otherwise, you're on the right track! The clouds are cool. The scene is cute. The drawing is solid! Kudos!